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Asset Management + Hardware + Licenses

Planning and selecting the right hardware and software is challenging, without the proper knowledge of which technologies actually deliver innovation it is easy to make the wrong choices and end up with IT resources that are not configured correctly, prone to error and end up costing your business more in the long term.

The Tech Success Procurement service can help you through this process. Not only are we partnered with all major hardware and software vendors to ensure the best procurement response, but our technical experts can also assist you with the custom configuration and deployment of hardware and software based on the needs of your business and the alignment of your infrastructure.

IT Procurement

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Hardware Procurement

Equipment Staging

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Licensing Services

With Tech Success' optimised and simplified management of your software licenses and license lifecycle, it means that we do more than just sell you software products. We offer a comprehensive software consultancy service that assists your business in maximising the value of your software assets and the crucial role they play in improving business efficiency and performance.

We look to implement cost-effective procurement of best-fit software licenses that maximise value through enhanced business productivity. We ensure the licenses not only comply with the business outcomes but is also a software product that is aligned to your goals and targets, whether on-premises or as a cloud-based solution, the alignment of processes and productivity is key when making the right selection.

The end result is full control and visibility over your software procurement lifecycle, including licensing agreements, budget forecasting, compliance and asset renewals.

Hardware Procurement

Whether you're a new business in need of an IT infrastructure, or an established business looking to update/refresh your fleet, Tech Success can assist in each level of your cycle stage.

By utilising our volume supply agreements for all major hardware and software vendors alongside our robust procurement and implementation processes, we are able to provide the most reliable hardware procurement and implementation at very competitive prices.


  • Maximise ROI on your technology spend
  • Fast, efficient procurement and deployment of ICT assets
  • Decreased total cost over asset life.
  • Time-saving through vendor liaison and contract consolidation.
  • Secure and environmentally friendly disposal of assets

Maintaining, sourcing and configuration of IT assets to your environment is a key component of your overall ICT strategy. That's why you need a comprehensive IT lifecycle management partner that understands the desired outcome, has the relationships and can provide you with full visibility over your supply chain to maximise your technology ROI.

Equipment Staging

Regardless of the size or frequency of your hardware procurement project, Tech Success can equipt your business with our Staging services which eases the associated burden and challenges of procurement.

You can fully leverage our technology expertise, long-standing vendor partnerships and procurement processes to find, order, track and manage all of your assets.

Contract Management

Technology is a major part of businesses along with contractual agreements for whatever department it may be and the IT department no different. The risks that can be exposed by not managing contracts reactively are fully understood. Despite this awareness, there are still a lot of organisations that don’t manage contracts proactively, and only when a risk becomes a reality does the importance of contract management set in.

Contract management is an integral part of the procurement cycle.  A contract management plan assists contract managers to properly manage contracts by addressing transition management, performance monitoring and by helping to ensure that both parties fulfil their commercial and contractual commitments. This is why we provide procurement control and overall contract management throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

Financing & Leasing

With the multi-area of technology spanning across Equipment purchases, software licenses, managed services, maintenance SLAs, IT technology spend can be a large mix of rental, agreements, payment plans, contracts and service agreements.

Left unchecked, this inefficient way of managing IT expenditure can end up costing your business significant amounts of time and money.

We’ve created a customised Finance and Leasing solution offering that provides coverage for your entire technology platform, including infrastructure, software and managed services.

Procurement as a Service

Technology Success is delivered when a client is able to receive services across the full range of technologies that are required for operation and scalability. Tech Success not only provides everything you need to align your business technology with your processes to assist in target achievements but we are able to deliver them 'As a Service' to ensure your businesses procurement and management priorities are met.

Tech Success deliveres the following 'As a Service' models:

  • Device as a Service (DaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • DR as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Secure Managed Printing
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Microsoft 365 as a Service (MaaS)

These are all backed by our team of procurement specialists who offer expertise across the following service lines:

  • Supplier Management
    • With every subscription and procurement with Tech Success includes access to a dedicated support team. Our dedicated team will be the first point of contact for any user or supplier queries, ensuring you are fully engaged and supported throughout all project deliverables.
  • Advisory Services
    • Complete end-to-end initiative management and project-based sourcing as well as technical consulting.
  • Market Insights
    • Complete periodical analysis of the market and industry reports to ensure best deliverables.
  • Benchmarking
    • Proving pricing trends & benchmarks as well as product-to-product price comparisons for option purchases backed by recommendation against the business technical direction to ensure maximum ROI on life of asset.
  • Category Support - Providing:
    • Supplier Performance Management support to assist in the management of your suppliers to ensure maximum deliverable performance.
    • Contract Management Support for complete tracking of renewals and warranties.
    • Compliance Support to deliver maximum savings whilst staying secure and on track.

These include vendor software as a service model. We will always make proactive product commendations for all software, assets and as a Service model.

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