Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams Is Getting Outlook Integration, Tasks Support, and More

Microsoft is quickly unveiling several new features for its Teams. The software provider has been building out Microsoft Teams to rival competitors in recent months, and it’s now going a step further in its efforts to differentiate and offer unique Office integrations. The first big new feature is Outlook integration into Microsoft Teams. This will …

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AWS v AZURE: The Difference

As the industry changes and the general notion being “If you haven’t migrated to the cloud you are falling behind.” businesses are scattering to two major players and they are Amazons AWS platform and the major rival, Microsoft Azure. This article is designed for you to gain some understanding the difference between the two so you can be ahead of the curve and prepare for a sustainable and most of all cloud infrastructure that can scale with your business projections.

Going Global - Entrepreneur - Office 365

5 Ways Office 365 Can Take You Global

As the world of digital is ever growing and the headaches of running a business are very much real. It’s too often that without understanding and assistance, leaders can get easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that need to get done and challenges that need to be overcome when trying to go global. Throughout this article, we will demonstrate ways technology can assist in this quest.

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