Server, Desktops & O365 backup to cloud

Server, Desktops & O365 backup to cloud

Backup isn't just for recovery, it's for peace of mind.

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Cloud Backup

Tech Patrol's Backup solution helps protect physical and virtual services (VMware, vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) with backups completely managed from our console alongside workstations, documents, or Office 365 backups. Storage in our Australian private cloud is included in the base price. Additionally, the system provides several recovery options designed to quickly and conveniently recover both servers and applications.

cloud backup - Technology Success

Server Backup

Solar Winds BAckup - Technology Success

We utilise SolarWinds® Backup. A solution that has been purpose-built from the ground up for cloud-first data protection, SolarWinds® Backup is backed by TrueDelta deduplication and compression which provides high performance and reliability while sending fewer data over the wire. For example, among 3,000 customer servers ranging between 500GB and 1TB in size, the average amount of data moved over the WAN for each backup job was less than 2GB.

Tech Success' Backup helps protect your data in transit and at rest, using AES-256 encryption. You hold the key, and all data is encrypted on the local machine before it is transmitted via a one-way TLS 1.2 connection.

Not only is all your data kept in Australia but to help you meet regulatory and business requirements, our data centres are ISO & SOC Certified. 24/7 security, secured with biometric hand geometry readers, CCTV and audit logs.



Desktop Backup

Desktop Backup

Workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional costs to re-create information or re-install utilities.

By utilising Tech Success' ACSL-MAC Backup you will have a purpose-built backup solution that will protect the entire workstation to help you reduce downtime. Apply backup on one workstation or we can implement a site-wide deployment, statuses, and alerts to keep you informed. Our device-based pricing is designed to simplify budgeting while offering affordable protection.

Microsoft O365 Backup

Office 365

There is a misconception that Microsoft Retains your company's data and you can recover it whenever you like. When you delete any messages from the Office 365 account, firstly deleted messages are directed moved into the Deleted Items folder. Now, you have two options, either you can keep the emails in the Deleted Items folder or specify that Outlook Web Apps (OWA) empties the folder whenever you log out. The email messages stay in the Deleted Items folder or marked as deleted until you delete them by yourself. After this, they are moved to the Hidden Deleted Items folder. But, you can still recover the lost or deleted emails from Hidden Deleted Items folder within the next 30 days. After 30 days, files are permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

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