Call Centre Management

Call Centre Management

Advanced VoIP solutions for Call Centres

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If you are running a call centre we provide a full suite of inbound telephony services, including national and international toll-free numbers; a range of call-routing options; and web-based call flow management and call reporting. We also offer a self-management web portal for you to monitor and report on performance.

We have capabilities with a number of specialised call centre tools for;

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Predictive dialer
  • Unified Communications


Full Call Centre Software Solution Suite


Call Centre Reporting and Stats

Wombat Dialer

Predictive Campaign Management



The Advanced Call Center Software Solution Suite. Measure your targets, conversion rates and agent activities. Create accurate reports and statistics. Set security and privacy on individual queues. Support virtual and multi-tenant production environments. Improve your business.


  • Live administrator and supervisor call center status panel.
  • Area code breakdowns inclusive of calling and waiting time.
  • Agent billable and payable time with total sales, contacts and conversion statistics .
  • Live agent page with queue statistics and agent controls.
  • Total unanswered calls with disconnection time and position.
  • Complete call distribution statistic, including sales and contacts, by week, day or hour.
  • Administrator message broadcasting and SMS functionality.
  • Full agent availability with session and pause details and history.
  • Inbound ACD call attempts with metrics available by operator, terminal and queue.
  • Detailed call information including the Asterisk Call ID and recorded call.
  • Total of answered calls including call length and waiting time metrics.
  • Inclusive SLA of answered and unanswered calls and disconnection causes.
  • Extensive 'Quality Assessment' module.
  • Send automated nightly PDF/XLS exports by e-mail.
  • Hundreds of metrics computed.

Asternic Call Centre Stats


Asternic Call Center Stats will let you run reports over your Asterisk PBX queue activity, like how many calls were abandoned, how many answered, by whom, call durations, wait times, call distribution per day, week, month, hour, queue, day of week, agent session times, pause durations, etc. Includes a search facility, a realtime view where you can also pause/unapuse or remove members from queues, integration with recordings so you can download/listen to queue call recordings. All from your web browser, without the need to install anything on the client side. The solution includes a report designer that lets you tweak columns and formulas and a REST interface to get data for your own applications.

Wombat Predictive Dialer


Message broadcast, predictive, direct, reverse and preview dialing features.

WombatDialer dialer software is highly scalable with easy to use campaign management tools it boosts agents productivity and improves your call center campaigns with automatic dialing, queue recalls functions, call forwarding options, and different dialing modes including direct, reverse, preview, manual and predictive.

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