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An ad-Hoc partner needs to be nimble and there when your business suddenly has a meltdown. We understand that IT problems can have a devastating effect on your business and that each problem can be different and need a rapid solution so your employees can get back to generating outcomes.

With high level SLAs, Tech Success provides emergency and ad-hoc IT services to all businesses, no matter the size and complexity. Our experienced services team will assist you in rapidly troubleshooting your issues and report on what the problem was whilst implementing solutions to mitigating the risk from happening again.

Managed IT Services

Features & Benefits

Security & Health Check

Ad-Hoc Services

Features & Benefits

Accreditations: Get technical support from our fully accredited and reliable technical staff. We have an amazing team of accredited professionals who are across some of the worlds leading technologies - including Microsoft, Linux, Dell, Citrix, Cisco and more - Meaning that you can make sure they will get it right and make sure the risk of the situation happening again is completely diminished.

Fast Response: We have one of the best noted SLAs in Australia. Rapid response to requests is part of our company culture which means that a Success Engineer can be with you within a very short time frame and your business experiences minimum disruption possible.

Commercial Awareness: Our Senior Success Engineers have worked with businesses at all stages of their life-spans - including start-ups, SMEs and internationally active offices with multiple networks, off-site backups and emergency power solutions. We not only support you and be there when you need us but we also can talk you through the best solutions available to your business needs, and plan for future growth.

Security & Health Check

To have Technology Success within your business you need to ensure your environment is operating at optimum levels. Our Security Health Check Service provides you with a Success Engineer that will give a full assessment of your systems and formulate a comprehensive report.

Our engineers will:

  • Look through your system for vulnerabilities to all types of threats and apply the right settings to ensure robust security.
  • Assess your antivirus and anti-spyware software settings, including browser components, firewall, and network settings.
  • Assess the proper system settings to improve your security and identity protection, keeping your digital information secure.
  • Verify and that the latest critical Microsoft Windows updates, Microsoft Office, and Java are in place.
  • Teach you about Controls and the other features of your products.
  • and more...

We believe the Cyber Health Check applies equally as well to businesses of any size. Moreover, increased Government scrutiny is going to apply to all businesses anyway in the near future, and those that thrive will do so by demonstrating their leadership in cyber resilience.


Repairs and Fixes: It is common that the first meeting we have with a client is when something has gone wrong with your systems at a critical time. In many instances, we have had businesses choose to join our pro-active support program and is given an accredited Sucess Technician that is hugely experienced in on-site repairs and troubleshooting.

New Installations and Set-Up: We have worked on an ad-hoc basis for several clients to complete large scale installations of IT systems into new offices. This often includes moving equipment from previous locations with minimal disruption. This can mean work for our Success Engineers in the space of a weekend, providing no disruption to employees or the company’s business activities is always the main priority.

Second Opinions and Advice: It’s important to have an understanding of what’s happening across your network. This means working out which equipment you have within your company, how it’s being used and by who, as well as how the various parts of your network talk to each other. When we assist any IT consulting clients, whether they are managed or ad-hoc, a technology audit is the first step in the relationship.

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