Cloud Migration & Enablement

Cloud Migration & Enablement

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Strategy + Build + Migrate + Modernise

Our communication and collaboration first approach enables us to provide a robust cloud migration program that securely and reliably achieves the objectives and the expected value of moving suitable workloads to the cloud. The Success migration approach is tailored to the frequency and types of migration (e.g., application vs. end-user computing vs. collaboration vs. security). We set up your organisation to be strong and nimble in its cloud infrastructure and associated data accessibility. we structurally move the data and images to the new location while establishing strong configuration and performance settings. Part of our planning effort also includes sourcing required migration services, validating migration readiness, and preparing the infrastructure.

Cloud Migration and Enablement







Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

To establish a successful Digital Trasnformation we first address all the needed aspects (strategy, governance, operations, skills, collaboration etc.) of a true cloud transformation in a condensed and efficient manner. We look to change the physical infrastructure through the enablement of cloud applications that provide security and a higher level of communication.

To do this at the highest level to ensure the investment is notable requires changing or adjusting many aspects of the processes that sit outside of Technology. There is no business that does this better than Tech Success. Our team supports the entire cloud journey and is focused not only on enabling the business' infrastructure for higher collaboration but we assist in end-user education to minimise downtime and make sure that the transition into this new environment is successful from top to bottom.

Strategy: What Success is derived from

It all begins with an Interactive workshop as a key part of our process in establishing the organisational requirements and aspirations of the business within the new environment. These workshops and engagements will help to drive operational and governance models, that in turn result in higher-level solution design.


  • Building a cloud strategy for our customer is one of the most important aspects of the entire process. Our work is based on an agile strategy framework, identifying the strategic themes for a customer and then identifying the right tactical steps forward.
  • The success is built from always working within a cloud-native operating model.
  • Understand the TCO and Building a business case for a cloud migration based on change benefits gained by the migration and new implementations.
  • Identifying the 6R for application planning and implementation.
  • Assisting in the identifications of the right sourcing model for public cloud and related services.

Our team of experts work with all of our clients closely to ensure the right end result.

Technology Success

Build: The foundation for Success

Once the strategy has been set in place, the next stage is to establish a secure cloud environment to enable all business applications and security. Key considerations that we take on board during the build, are the implementation of the network and security design in line with best practices, which will likely include private connectivity, firewalling and granular access control.

There will also be a mixture of greenfield templates built to agreed gold standards and the deployment of operating systems such as monitoring, bastion hosts and log management. A popular choice at this phase is a focus on automating test environments, triggered on-demand as a quick win to save costs. The environment will then be tested and validated for the migration phase followed by the enablement phase.

Migrate: Seamless Transition

Our Success Migration options are built on the leadership of the Project Manager and Cloud Architect. Tech Success' Cloud Migration Services will provide your business with a team of extremely skilled engineers covering Network, Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Data and DevOps that are available 24×7 to ensure a truly seamless transition.

Applications and key business functions are assigned move groups and typically are subject to a “dry run” migration methodology to ensure any issues are mitigated before the final move. Tech Success use a range of tools and techniques that are capable of handling complex migrations. We look to access the requirements of each application and then each application will be on-boarded into a live support status to ensure no gaps in operational support during, or after, the implementation has been completed. Our migration team will provide you with our Success hyper care and sign-off on operational readiness.

Cloud Migraiton

Enablement: How our cloud enablement works

Our cloud enablement is a specialised exercise. While theoretically simple and straightforward, in practice it is a very complex exercise that requires a deep understanding of your applications, processes, environment and cloud infrastructure goals. A newly-appointed system requires thorough testing before going live. This is because there is every likelihood of missing something here or there. Once gone live, you may like to have a parallel run for some time for both the cloud-enabled and on-premise system.

User training is an integral part of a cloud enablement exercise and is where our Success comes in. There are two types of training i.e. training users on using the application(s) and security. User training on applications is important because the applications may not work exactly the same way as the users are used to. On security front even though the system is secure in the cloud, unlike earlier, it is still sitting in open. There are possibilities of phishing, malicious, hacking and Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. This requires formulating and enforcing security policies.


Tech Seccess Modern Technologies - Tech Success

We implement the new culture of work that's an open collaboration, whilst working together securely, from anywhere in the world on any device.

After we have done all the steps and have enabled your team to operate collaboratively and efficiently, we don't just stop there! We are always on the constant lookout for new technologies like TeraMind that can be implemented for true business elevation.

A Modern workplace is an evolving workplace and we are the Technology Partner that helps you evolve.

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