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Referral Program

Do you appreciate our support? Now that you are familiar with all the benefits Tech Patrol

has to offer, why not spread the word and be rewarded for it.

How it


Help us assist more Australian workplaces to become Technologically sound.


Tech Patrol has helped a lot of new businesses through the referrals of our excellent clients, which is AMAZING and it says that we have been providing an excellent level of service that we are very proud of.

We have been giving gifts or taken our clients out to lunch as a thank you, however, now we would like to reward you as a thank you for helping us make businesses around Australia technologically sound.

It's incredibly simple if you recommend business and they sign up as a client, you will receive a payment reward*

If you help us assist a big business, you will be rewarded with a big deal.



Share to a friend

Simply fill in the form below for each business that you wish to recommend. We will follow them up and keep you notified of the progress.

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