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Ad-Hoc Services

Ad-Hoc Services

Purchase hours and use anytime your require IT help. 

  • Server Failure and Outages
  • Network / Server Performance Issues
  • Backup Problems
  • Virus / Worm Outbreaks
  • Internet Access and Internet Email Issues
  • Active Directory Issues
  • Microsoft Exchange Issues / Recovery
  • Desktop Hardware and Application Issues
  • New Equipment Setup and Installation


Ad Hoc IT Services for when you need us most.

The effect of unexpected IT problems can have a devastating effect on your business operations and when that happens we can get you out of trouble with our ad hoc IT support with our superior response when you pre purchase a block of prepaid hours.

So if you feel that there is no need to enter into a fixed cost Managed Services arrangement, but still need professional help with your IT systems from time to time and would like to be able to turn to a reliable and high quality IT company when you need, Tech Patrol is the right choice.

We can provide ad-hoc IT support with a minimum block of prepaid 5 hours. The more upfront hours you purchase the lower the hourly rate. Please refer to our rates and SLA.

With every case requested we will provide you with an estimate on the time needed to resolve the problem and associated costs. You can turn to us for desktop support, network support, server support and maintenance issues, system health and security checks or cleaning up after a virus attack.



Standard Rates

Business Hours Labour Rate$145 per hour
After Hours Labour Rate$175 per hour

Please note: Technical Support is charged in 15-minute increments

Onsite Callouts

Business HoursAfter Hours
Distance 0-25km from CBD$30$60
Distance 25-100km from CBD$60$120
Distance 100-200km from CBD$120$240

Response Platinum

Business HoursAfter Hours
Emergency Response for Critical Issues$100$200


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