Aquarius Aged Care

Aquarius Aged Care

Aquarius Aged Care (AAC) is a government-approved provider of aged care services to more than five hundred residents across nine homes in New South Wales and Queensland. AAC engaged TechPatrol’s services when they were formed some eight years prior. At this time the company acquired individual homes and brought them together under the AAC umbrella. Instantly they needed IT solutions to consolidate and centralise all the existing operations and systems.

TechPatrol provided the vision, infrastructure and skill to revolutionise and streamline the way the company provided care and clinical systems. This was done by:

 centralising AAC’s systems by setting up servers in a data centre
 integrating individual properties into a single solution
 providing high speed and redundant internet services and secured links to the data centre
 installing a centralised telephony system by implementing cloud based VOIP telephone systems
 implementing reliable Wi-Fi throughout all nine facilities in all areas
 helping introduce a more user friendly mobile work platform interface for registered nurses to input their daily data and clinical notes

Such system integration ensured significant business costs were lowered to maximise profits, while providing significantly greater efficiency across all the properties. The implementation of a highly confidential clinical care package for the aged care services provides governance risk compliance and reporting for the healthcare requirement.

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