Accountancy Insurance

Accountancy Insurance

Accountancy Insurance (AI) was established in 2003 specialising in Audit Shield, which is a comprehensive tax audit insurance product. AI provide services to more than 2300 accounting firms across Australasia. These services include, but are not limited to Professional Indemnity, Management Liability Insurance and Cyber Insurance.

AI have been a valued client of TechPatrol for some six years. During this time AI has experienced considerable growth. From offices in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and recently further expansion into Canada. As a result, their rate of growth of staff users and information is increasing exponentially. TechPatrol is responsible for managing and maintaining all of the company’s IT systems. This has meant catering to the company’s expanding technologies while ensuring flexible systems that allow for further demand and growth to add additional resources as required.

As a requirement for AI’s industry governance, their information systems and data must reside in a highly secure private data centre. TechPatrol has set up all of the backend systems for AI in the PacNet (Telstra) data centre in Sydney. This is one of the highest graded data centres in the entire country.

The main technology utilised by TechPatrol for this project is Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server), where all staff use thin clients (dumb terminals) to access high availability and load balanced terminal servers in the data centre. Furthermore between the offices and data centre, TechPatrol have set up a secured virtual private network.

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