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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom. What is right for your business?

As the Unified Communications (US) market increases so do the offering of UCaaS, the key compete scenario which we find most customers discussing with me is no longer CISCO vs ...
Microsoft Azure

Azure Firewall Manager now supports virtual networks.

Last November, there was the introduction of Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager preview for Azure Firewall policy and route management in secured virtual hubs. This also included integration with key Security as ...
Smooth Migration to the Cloud

How To Ensure a Smooth Migration to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a necessity for cutting costs and increasing productivity in modern businesses. However, it can be difficult to achieve these benefits if you don’t have a clear-cut migration strategy. There’s a lot that goes ...
Microsoft Azure

Introduction to Azure – A Core Cloud Service

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform and is continually expanding its cloud services that will help your business meet your current and future business challenges.   Azure provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking. Users ...
Microsoft Responds to COVID-19

Microsoft Responds To COVID-19 By Offering E1 Licenses Free For The Next 6-Months

Microsoft is now offering a free six-month trial globally for a premium tier of Microsoft Teams, Business Insider first reported on Tuesday.  Microsoft themselves released an article two days ago regarding the 6-month ...
Microsoft Teams Phone System - Technology Success

Microsoft Disrupts The Comms Market By Introducing Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft is once again disrupting the communications market, with the introduction of a brand-new phone system slowly being integrated worldwide. The solution for businesses combines chat, calling, meetings, calendars, and ...
Hot topics: Digital Transformation

The Hot Topics Of Digital Transformation And Applications of 2020

Research shows the number of software applications being used in organisations has increased by 68 percent over the past four years, and 10 percent of businesses now have more than ...
Digital Transformation

The State of Digital Transformation In 2020

Last year we saw many businesses question exactly how transformational digital transformation really is. The answer, as with all IT initiatives, depends on the scope of the ambition, the skill of ...
Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams Is Getting Outlook Integration, Tasks Support, and More

Microsoft is quickly unveiling several new features for its Teams. The software provider has been building out Microsoft Teams to rival competitors in recent months, and it's now going a ...


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