Network Security

Network Security

It's more than secure data.

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Your identity is what makes you unique and you only have one, right? How confident are you that your identity is well managed within your organisation and there aren't any copy cats out there bringing down your brand value?

Tech Success help businesses mitigate against compromised credentials and brute-force attacks. We are a security-driven organisation and have been for over 20 years. We ensure location awareness of your organisation's domains, multi factors of authentication that is used to confirm user access and identity, along with access entitlements to secure critical files.

Our governance model ensures secure and trusted access to your network and user-specific entitled documentation.  

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Gateway Security & content filtering

Have the control of what is accessible

We empower businesses with modern social web controls and content classifications to mitigate risks and implement company-wide access policy. With Tech Success you will enjoy continuous rapid web threat research that helps provide comprehensive protection against new threats. 

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Next Gen Endpoint protection

Multiple AI Engines

Every Modern Workplace requires modern security measures across it's server and endpoints. Enjoy a light-weight, AI-driven, endpoint protection that allows your system to work at optimum levels that ensures your daily business is not interrupted while protection is always being updated.

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Microsoft Cloud App Security

Modern Power App Security

After implementing tailored apps for your Modern workplace that address unique business outcomes. Tech Success adds powerful AI security capabilities that not only keep these apps secure but will gain data for you to utilise. 

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Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

The Right Protection For Any Threats

The world of cybersecurity is fast-paced, adversaries are constantly growing, as is the technology we combat them with. With Tech Success you will Enjoy Microsoft's most advanced threat protection across SMTP mail transfer agents with all of our plans, ensuring you're making the right choice.

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Data Loss Prevention & Productivity

The Policies That Drive Technology

You now have a secure environment, the next step is to Enhance security, simplify access and set smart policies that ensure end-users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of your workplace network.

Cyber Security

Partner Minded

When you become part of our client ecosystem, you not only get our Modern Workplace approach but you also benefit from our catalogue of best-of-breed Vendors, curated along with our business alignment approach to help you grow your business.

As industry experts, we will guide you in attaining hardware and software that’s right for your business targets – not just the "latest hype".

We help you build a business that grows with technology, not one that stays waiting and incurs higher costs at a later stage. Tech Success empowers you to seize every opportunity.

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Fundamentals of EndPoint Security: Anti-Malware Protection


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