Bennelong Group

Bennelong Group

The Bennelong Group (BG) is a privately owned business based in Australia with commercial interests in London, the Middle East, Vancouver and Australia.

Since its inception, BG has established a successful presence in both the funds management and private equity markets and has won industry awards in both categories.

While the Group owns and manages significant businesses globally, it also measures its success through contributing to positive and lasting change in the wider community via the Bennelong Foundation.

TechPatrol has implemented all internal IT services and infrastructure for BG since its inception in Australia (some 8 years ago). Over the years the organisation has created multiple boutique sub-companies with each managing their own specialised investment funds. Due to their multiple companies, there are strict security requirements for BG. To ensure the highest level of security, TechPatrol firewalled and created “Chinese walls” in their systems. This ensures that each boutique can share the same infrastructure and technologies, however complete isolation in their intellectual property.

The most significant project that TechPatrol implemented for BG was creating a solution to prevent outage as a full proof disaster recovery system. This is a necessity for BG as they operate trading platforms that require no down time, which is imperative to avoid serious risk and financial loss to the businesses. To accomplish this TechPatrol created a solution that allows the BG Sydney office backend systems to be mirrored to a warm standby environment in the Melbourne offices. This allows real time synchronisation so in the event of a disaster their offices and technologies are interchangeable.

A key technology TechPatrol utilised in this project is Veeam Backup & Replication™. This single solution provide a fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of BG virtualised applications and data.

As part of industry regulation and governance for BG, TechPatrol provides a disaster simulation every quarter. This ensures full proof testing of disaster and outage solutions.

Furthermore, the systems implemented can be accessible by any authorised user, at anytime, anywhere with the highest two-factor authentication and security encryption.

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