DR Simulation Testing

DR Simulation testing

Disaster Recovery is never needed until it's needed.

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Disaster Recovery Simulation Testing

All businesses should be testing their systems constantly for any faults, possible vulnerabilities and backup checks - this is what we can assist with. Testing is a natural part of the lifecycle for many technology efforts; software, processes, and this doesn't discount Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery is a unique aspect to a business as it doesn't occur often, however. When disaster hits you need to know that you DR plans will actually work. And given the nature of the disasters, if your DR plan fails, the organisation may not survive the disaster.

You need to structure your Disaster Recovery (DR) testing in the same way you structure other complicated undertakings, such as software development and associated testing.

Disaster Recovery Simulation

Simulation Test

Parallel Test

Cutover test

Paper Test

Monitor Privileged Users for Extra Security

Audit Security Incidents with Forensics

Simulation Test

Disaster Recovery Checklist Tech Success

The purpose of this DR Simulation Testing is to discover flaws in your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, so you can resolve them before they impact your ability to restore operations of your business in the event of a disaster which can come in all shapes and forms. Regular testing is the only way you can be certain you can restore customer operations quickly following an outage.

We will simulate a disaster against your business and test the ability to spin your environment on a local machine, in the cloud or both. We will assess how your business reacts to the simulation and the processes in place to deal with such scenarios.


Parallel Testing

We apply parallel testing to assess the security of the data in order to evaluate that the data migration is done successfully. This also helps assess if the changes in the new version do not affect the system function. We will run versions of the environment concurrently to validate the steps of the business continuity plan.

  • Your onsite-business continuity device (to ensure that your device is able to recover your data in seconds right from the device itself)
  • The cloud-to-onsite location (to check download speeds and effects on resources)
  • Offsite-cloud virtualization, also known as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
Parallel DR Testing

Cutover Testing

Whether you're doing a DR test or you're planning out a new project, cutover testing is an important part of bringing the system, applications and interface live into an environment which can include steps such as moving build or repointing interfaces from a non-production to a production environment for go-live or recover.


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