Hardware Procurement

TP Device Procurement and Deployment Services

  • Hardware & Software
  • Taylored Deployment
  • True Asset Management
  • End-Of-Life Recycling
  • Highly Secure Vertualized Desktop
  • Wide range of Accessible Hardware

What it can do for your business

Tech Patrol asset Procurement and Deployment Service assists clients in the procurement, installation, staging, refresh, end-of-life and finance of your IT assets. Tech Patrol simplifies your procurement process with a true assessment of your business technology requirements and by leveraging TP's partnerships with the world's leading technology vendors we deliver the best-of-class products along side superior service.

Beyond IT infrastructure Hardware, It’s no secret: equipping your employees with mobile devices can bring vast benefits to your organization—like improved collaboration and productivity. However, procuring, configuring, and financing these devices while also keeping up with mobility management brings its own set of challenges that we like to simplify for clients.

Rack Mount
and Tower
Server Hardware


Desktop PCs,
and Small
form factor PCs

Third party software

Network Security
(firewalls, anti virus/

Network equipment
(switches, routers etc.)

Mobile devices including
laptops, tablets, Phones.

Peripherals and 

Key Benefits


Boost productivity

Enable employees, contractors and other users to securely work from mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Streamline Processes

Simplify the process of planning, procuring, deploying, managing, supporting and refreshing mobile devices.

Save Time and Money

Reduce deployment costs by having reconfigured ready-to-go devices shipped directly to all users.

Technical Documentation

Simplify procurement by allowing users to easily select and order the right mobile devices that suits their need.

Working With The Best-of-Breed

Tech Patrol has volume supply agreements for all major hardware and software vendors alongside a robust procurement and implementation processes.

We always look at relationship over product margins. Our product margins are transparent to our clients as this is not our key driver, but rather the best value for our business. We will make proactive product commendations only if we believe it will better the over all productivity of the organisation.

Questions about getting started? 

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