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10 Reasons Your Business Benefits With MSP

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November 14, 2018


Managed Services - Tech Patrol

A Managed Service Provider looks to remotely manage a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, on a proactive basis through a subscription model. Typical approaches include per-device, per-user and all-inclusive pricing. Throughout this article, we will demonstrate the 10 reasons as to why your business will benefit from implementing an MSP.

If you’re looking for a full range of technical solutions for your business, consider partnering with Tech Patrol, contact us now. A Hand-Tailored MSP program uniquely made for your company will prepare you for any type of growth whilst increasing your productivityOptimising your security, and reduce your costs.

10 Reasons Your Business Benefits With MSP

1. Technology Alignment

If your current technologies truly adaptable to your company’s needs and ahead of your industry competitors? As part of your MSP program, Tech PAtrol will work closely with your network administrator to identify technical and business risks to ensure that your technology can keep up with your business goals without breaking your budget.

2. Software Licensing Compliance

Using unlicensed software adds up to a big financial risk. In fact, if you’re caught, the big software companies can fine your business over $100,000 per instance of abuse. However, Tech Patrol takes the guesswork out of software licensing compliance by providing software compliance management with our MSP program.

3. System Security

Your company’s computer system needs security protection every day, and Tech Patrol provides the best in preventive care. From firewall implementation and monitoring to Anti-virus/Malware protection. To continuing education from your staff about potential threats from internet use and email spam, we’ve got you covered.

4. Secure Remote Access

It is more important than ever for businesses to offer secure remote access to remote workers. Yet, the old methods for achieving this access were notorious unsafe. Fortunately, though, Tech Patrol can easily upgrade your business’ email system. Firewall, and monitoring Data to make your remote access as secure as possible.

5. Dramatic Performance Increases

IT is more important than ever for businesses to offer secure remote access to remote workers. Yet, the old methods for achieving this access were notoriously unsafe. Fortunately, though, Tech Patrol can easily upgrade your business’ systems at any stage 24/7 and will support all employees, no longer wait for your IT team to be up if you’re on the other side of the world, Tech Patrol will keep you running, updated and supported at all times.





6. Consolidated System Management

Optimise your system management capabilities with industry-leading tools from Tech Patrol and our best-of-breed partnering vendors. With your MSP program, you’ll get the ability to remotely manage your computer systems. We’ll also combine your systems into fewer interfaces to save you money on the overall cost of your IT support.

7. Net Administration and VCIO Roles

How would you like to instantly add two qualified experts to your team without having to go through the hiring process? The MSP program from Tech Patrol comes with both a dedicated Net administrator and CIO professional. This is the easiest and most affordable way to get your company the advantages enjoyed by the big guys.

8. Business Continuity

If a disaster strikes and leaves your company without a data centre for 10 days or more, will you survive? a business continuity plan from Tech PAtrol allows you to rest easy, knowing that your business can recover from such events. With backup and disaster recovery, ransomware prevention and recovery, and hot virtual servers. You’ll be ready for the unexpected.

9. Business Centric Cloud Migration

If your business is a good candidate to move information into the cloud, you can possibly cut your overall costs by as much as 40%. When you sign up for an MSP program with Tech Patrol. We’ll offer your company an IT audit to determine if moving data to the cloud is right for you. We’ll also show you the best and most efficient way to make the migration.

10. A Dedicated and Technology Experienced Company

Net Administration and CIE services are just the beginning when you partner with Tech Patrol. In addition to these two important roles, You’ll get access to an entire team of dedicated professionals. So, if you’re looking for technology solutions, we bring more than 100 years of combined experience to help your business thrive.


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