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AWS Announces Amazon RDS on VMware at VMworld2018

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August 29, 2018



Amazon took the stage at VMworld2018 on Monday to announce that it’s Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware will bring the capabilities of RDS to VMware customers.

Joining VMware CEO Pat Ginger on stage during the day one keynote, AWS chief Andy Jassy said the announcement was a good example of where the companies are continuing to deepen their partnership.

“That will bring all the capabilities of RDS to VMware customers,” Jassy said, noting the new offering will allow customers to do the same on-premises or on the AWS public cloud.” So many compnies are operating in hybrid mode and will be for a while.”

What does this mean?



This service will allow for easy customer set up, operation and scale of databases in VMware-based software-defined datacentres and hybrid environments. To migrate them to AWS or VMware Cloud on AWS. It will be available in the coming months, AWS Chief Jassy also stated that Amazon RDS on VMware will support SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases.

“Managing the administrative and operational muck of databases is hard work, error-prone, and resource intensive,” Jassy said.

“It’s why hundreds of thousands of customers trust Amazon RDS to manage their databases at scale. We’re excited to bring the same operationally battle-tested service to VMware customers’ on-premises and hybrid environemtns, which will not only make database management much easier for enterprises, but also make it simpler for these databases to transition to the cloud.”

Now, this is not the only update that was announced ahead of VMworld. A handful of updates to VMware Cloud across AWS.

What are the updates?

You now have the ability to schedule when to cutover to the new cloud environment with VMware NSX Hybrid Connect when migration of thousands of CMs with zero downtime; application-centric security with VMware NSX; NSX/AWS Direct Connect integration; real-time log management; new custom CPU core count capabilities; and a 50 percent reduction in entry price, offering also a three-host minimum SDDC configuration aimed at smaller organisations.



This also includes services in the AWS Asia-pacific (Sydney)region, Elastic DRS, Log Intelligence Service, and Cost Insight Migration Assessment are all available today. With an additional three-host configuration, Custom CPU core count, VM-Host Affinity, new NSX Hybrid Connect capabilities, EBS support, the Amazon EC2 R5.metal instance type, NSW and AWS Direct Connect integration, and NSX micro-segmentation that are currently in preview.

All-in-all it was an excellent event with a lot of positive outcomes for VMware and it’s clients.


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