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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Your Business

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October 8, 2018


AI - Tech Patrol

The business landscape has been under constant, rapid, evolutionary changes for the last two decades. There isn’t even a debate as to whether today’s most collaborative and popular platforms are faster, more scalable, easier to use and incredibly more reliable, essentially we have come a long way since the 90’s. The overall paradigm hasn’t changed now what will happen as we move into the decade of AI? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only in our pockets these days but it’s also helping inform key business strategies among start-ups, small businesses as well as established companies across Australia. However, we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what AI can do – its impact moves beyond merely analysing raw data, currently, Tech Patrol is using a firewall solution that has AI deeply embedded into that systems to help trace and identify potential attacks such as Ransom or Malware, against our client’s systems.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of this technology, Business leaders need to adopt a new mind and skill set to strategically implement the valuable insights that AI can help extract alongside the new applications that AI can be implemented against to assist you in remaining competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. For example, the machine learning behind search suggestions can allow end users to ask questions without significant training meaning that if you’re in customer service or have a customer service department, questions will be able to be answered in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence has been breathing a whole new life into the social media monitoring game and online news by deepening its analysis of the billions of unstructured external data available beyond a business’ own four walls. This means all of those unstructured data that comes from millions of audio, video, digital picture, social feeds, documents and content all across the web can now be analysed at a rapid rate without diminishing accuracy for decision making.

The businesses, no matter what size, that fails to understand and adopt this new mindset towards media monitoring will risk falling behind. Not only to competitors but also falling behind in time employees are waisting on menial, tasks that deter them away from their more important business goals.

“Intrusion detection systems are a market failure… Functionality is moving into firewalls, which will perform deep packet inspection for content and malicious traffic blocking, as well as antivirus activities. Firewalls are the most-effective defense against cyber intruders on the network…” –Gartner, June 15, 2003.

“Enterprises buy too much threat prevention and not enough detection and response technology.” –Reporting on Gartner, 11 years later.



It’s very accurate to say that AI is just another methodology in the evolution of tools available to address certain aspects of the kill chain or InfoSec workflow.

When you take a minute to stop and look around, the technological advancements of today could be perceived as something out of a futuristic novel. Cars are learning to drive, hands-free devices can turn on your lights or toast your bread, and flying drones are circling the skies. This is 2018. While the manifestation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) hasn’t been completely realised, impressive progress has certainly been made and Small Business Owners, especially the “Born Globals” are taking every advantage and winning when it comes to their competitors who aren’t.

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