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Quick Reads: How To Achieve a Modernised IT Infrastructure For Data-Insightful Decision Making Through MSP Outsourcing

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May 16, 2018



In today’s business landscape nothing is more important that data-driven insights for executive decision making and whilst this is incredibly important we understand that IT departments across the board are stretched thin at best. Although all companies would love the benefits of a cloud solution, getting there may seem too complicate, too costly and time consuming for an internal team to achieve. IT departments are constantly tasked with doing more with less money, and less time.

The process of moving to a hybrid IT environment begins with a firm understanding of what your ideal environment looks like. Chances are, your ideal environment would have a blueprint for success and would easily integrate with your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure price connections and storage solutions with data residency and encryption features, meaning your assets would stay right where you need them.

MSP Model for achieving a modernised IT infrastructure

The question that you should be asking is, “What would it mean for me to have flexibility within my IT infrastructure that truly increases efficient and productivity while allowing my systems and processes to run smoothly, allowing for my sales team to be more advanced in processing requests down the sales funnel and the rest of the business to be proactive across the board?” Would that mean a lot? Remember the days of taking things apart and putting them back together in new ways. Remember the good old days when the IT manager had the time to figure out what was broken and how to fix it… now days you may have a legacy system in place on-premise and there’s simply not enough space or power to complete the work the business requires whilst still updating all your hardware, software and solutions with the best that the business requires through it’s continued growth, and when to they expect you to know everything about the latest best-of-breed in technologies? It’s just not feasible.

What a Managed Services Provider offers is Permanent control, feedback and high level of business adaptation and software management. This means that the MSP is not only sourcing the maintenance of the system but completely delegate’s full control of maintenance, support, monitoring and reports which can be sent directly to the IT manager to then give his or her brief to the other heads of the business. This takes a lot of items off of the IT managers plate whilst also giving them a chance to stay completely ahead when it comes to the best-of-breed solutions and technologies.

Plan and design your ideal productivity. The quick migration steps.

STEP 1 – Migrate low-risk apps.
STEP 2 – Migrate dev-test apps.
STEP 3 – Analyse the broader offerings.
STEP 4 – Consider the current systems.

What we personally do is test all apps and systems outside of your current infrastructural to ensure that when deployed everything is in order.


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