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What Is a Hyper-converged Infrastructure and Is It Beneficial to Businesses?

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September 6, 2018


Hyper Converge Infrastructure

Convergence systems can be considered an advancement over the traditional IT infrastructure. However, converge could occur at various different levels. The most basic convergence could be an integration of individual storage units, whether that be computing and network switching products.

A Hyper-converged Infrastructure is one in which all the components can be tightly integrated, such that this cannot be broken down into separate components. IT works via the combination of compute, virtualisation, storage, and networking into single nodes that form a centrally managed cluster. Starting with a few as 3 nodes, users can easily scale out the cluster to match business needs.

This brings cloud like simplicity on-premises with the power to run up to mission critical workloads. Centralised management streamlines operations, while it’s scalable architecture minimises data centre space and energy use to deliver lower TCO than traditional infrastructure and public cloud.

Benefits of using a Hyper-converged Infrastructure:

  • Elasticity – It provides better scalability.
  • VM-Centricity – A virtual-machine-focused development or workload is given more importance.
  • Data protection – Data loss is reduced and data recovery is made easier.



  • High availability
  • Data efficiency – It reduces storage, bandwidth and IOPS requirements.
  • Cost efficiency – It reduces wastage of resources and increases cost effectiveness.

A Hyper-converged infrastructure aims to eliminate organisational silos and better manage virtual workloads. If you think this could be beneficial to your business contact us now and we can run a free assessment in your current infrastructure to analyse if a Hyper-converge solution is beneficial to your business and aligns with your projected growth targets.

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