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What is VoIP?

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September 19, 2018


VoIP Systems

Known as Voice over IP (VoIP), VoiP is a transmission of voice and multimedia content over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Essentially VoIP is being able to use your computer to make phone calls with the help of software solutions that linked to your microphone allows you to bypass phone providers and (their rates) make conference call with true analytics. We will be dissecting this further through out this article in the hopes to enable business leaders to make smart choices.

Making calls with your computer has never been easier in 2018 and this method, that is being used by thousands of businesses world-wide, is called Voice over I.P., for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. Or simply “VoIP” (pronounced “voyp”). It is also referred to as broadband phone, Internet phone service and digital voice.

For example, if you’ve used Skype before, for personal or business use, you’ve been using one of the best-known Web-based VoIP services of the 20th century. Not saying that it’s the best for businesses to adopt and replace phone services but it’s the most notable and widely used for personal along side WhatsApp. In the case of Skype and WhatsApp (the caller) and your friend (the recipient) have to both be using the same vendors (Skype or WhatsApp). That’s not the case for all VoIP solutions, this is why there are others that may be better suited for your business, even at a lower entry cost.

What are the benefits?

VoIP and unified communications enable you to:

  • Reduce travel and training costs, thanks to web and video conferencing
  • Easily grow your phone system as needed
  • Have one phone number ring simultaneously on multiple devices, helping employees stay connected to each other and to customers
  • Reduce your phone charges
  • Have a single network for voice and data, simplifying management and reducing costs
  • Access your phone system’s features at home or at client offices, in airports and hotels—anywhere you’ve got a broadband connection



Is it right for my business?

I’m not saying that VoIP is for everyone but as we move further into the digital age it’s becoming more and more adopted. If you’re bothered by costs for telephone usage and you would rather put that money elsewhere, look into a VoIP service.

There’s a high chance that a VoIP solution can save you money again current phone bills and long-distance calls (conference calls to other countries, especially).

Do i just purchase software?

Contact your Manged Service Provider and discuss this in a more technical manner relative to your current IT infrastructure. If you don’t have an MSP contact us for further information.

In some cases you’ll have to ass a piece of hardware to use the service – an adaptor that helps link your phone and computer together. With other services, there are particular phones you can hook up to your computer or your router. Let us know if you need any assistance or further information.

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