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Why You Should Love Data

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August 16, 2018


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How often do you hear someone say “I love data!”? Not very often right. Data isn’t considered romantic for most people and you certainly don’t speak of it in emotional or sentimental terms. That needs to stop. Throughout this article, I will try to convey why data is important to me and how it should be the most important thing to you as a business manager, owner, leader, entrepreneur or if you’re a general employee looking to excel at your job! Data deserves our attention, our case, and our respect.

I can’t just tell you that I love data and expect you to be believed and convinced, here’s a scenario to help you understand why I love data. Imagine the sun is shining as you’re on your way to work, you arrive at your destination, you make yourself a coffee and hit your computer’s power button followed by the screens. It’s unresponsive. You try again, multiple times, and you even give it a few smacks and unplug the power and plug it back in (Cause those two methods are universal for “I know IT, this will fix the issue”). The inevitable has occurred… your computer has drawn it’s last electric breath and has passed on from the matrix like neo.

You call the agents – I mean, your Managed Service Provider – in absolute panic and they rush around, they poke and maneuver through the intricacies of your cabling before telling you “there is no more that can be done, your machine is dead” you plead and plead. Now here’s the terrifying part, you think for a second and say “Can I recover my data?” they reply “you didn’t have disaster recovery plan set in place, as I recall you didn’t want to spend the extra bucks… :(”

As your heart is now broken from losing a close friend, you drive home from work and take stock of everything that’s now lost: client and employee contracts, the notes you took down during that important meeting, the photos from last your’s out-of-hand Christmas party (your most gutted about the ones you took of the CEO/Owner getting wild). With on device’s demise, years and years of meaningful memories and work has just been wiped, never to return again. You can’t believe it, and the words of Mike Goldberg, “JUST LIKE THAT!” continues to play through your mind.

How dramatic does that sound? Believe me, I’ve been in this industry a long time and this happens every day! And the core reason for all of this heartache and sorrow is simple: too many of you still don’t give data the love it deserves. I have constantly spoken about the great advancements we’ve had in technology. It was only my last article that I spoke about the evolution of the technology landscape of Australia. But it is also abundantly clear that our human understanding of what it is and what it does can essentially use some work. The concepts people are most uninformed about is the value, strength and power of data.

MSPs like ourselves have handy calculators that can help explain to a GP in South Australia how much money they’d lose if for some reason her patient files were unavailable for a couple of days. We could even tell a small accounting firm exactly how much it would cost them if they were down for two days and unable to retrieve data.

Business is made up of revenue and expense and business management needs to take into account the cost of time spent trying to retrieve or recreate the business data when lost, especially if downtime of your business outweighs the cost of a solution.

When businesses depend on managing and maximising information, whether be for sales and marketing or technical data, these arguments should go a long way. This is why the data protection and recovery industry is among the fastest-growing industry you’ve never heard of. Datto, a great solution that we partner with, was just bought by Vista Equity Partners (one of the worlds largest Tech Venture Capital Firm) for $1.5 Billion. One of the many reasons why data is becoming increasingly important to businesses around the world and why you should love and cherish your data, like I do.

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