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5 Ways Office 365 Can Take You Global

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January 25, 2019


Going Global - Entrepreneur - Office 365

As the world of digital is ever growing and the headaches of running a businesses is very much real. It’s too often that without understanding and assistance, leaders can get easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that need to get done and challenges that need to be overcome when trying to go global. Throughout this article we will demonstrate ways technology can assist in this quest. 

Expanding your business overseas can be very rewarding and in this day and age it’s something that has never been easier to accomplish, if you know the steps to take and the technology to implement. Technology enables the biggest of enterprises and the smallest of businesses to achieve new heights in the global market. Now when expending how can you use technology to best establish and sustain your expansion? Here are **** tips to assist you in taking over the world.

1.Understanding The Cloud For Global Sharing

If you are looking to set up an office overseas, work with partners,  customers, employees, or outsourcing to contractors in places you never heard of, clear cut collaboration is key when working with people from all across the globe, however, this clear cut collaboration can easily get complicated. The way to get around this issue is by simplifying your headaches with a cloud storage solution like Microsoft OneDrive – make sure this is also backed up. When you have organised cloud storage that is able to be accessed from anywhere around the globe, you will be able to successfully share and collaborate with full viewerships of all downloads and conversations. You can even access files offline for times when you don’t have an internet connection, or for those contractors that wifi cuts in and out. 

2. Selecting The Right Collaboration Tools

They once said email was going to die, today there are over 6.32 billion email accounts. This figure is predicted to reach 7.71 billion by 2021 which is a growth of more than 22%. There are 3.7 billion email users worldwide who send and receive about 269 billion emails per day. ( Stat by Radicatti Group, 2017) 3,104,450,712 legitimate emails are sent every hour. (Stat by Internetlivestats, 2018) Email is still a great way of sending files but it’s becoming less and less the way to collaborate. Tools like Slack and Office 365 are becoming more and more the collaboration tool of option for businesses. Officer 365 more so, as the solution offers a range of option, from the chat features of Meetings or Skype For Business for full HD video conferencing. Use email by all means, but when going global make sure you have the right solution in place for clear communication with your internal team. 

3. Control Your Data

Where’s the risk in any business? Sharing your businesses information with distant teams and brand-new global partners. Solutions like Office 365 lets you control what happens to your information. The beautiful thing about the O365 solution is that you can restrict access and control who sees and/or edits each document. Create project-specific team sites that share data only with those who need to know and block access through encryption for others. 

4. The Scheduling Nightmare Is Over

When working with remote teams and business partners from different corners of the globe can at times be frustrating especially due to the time difference. You’ll appreciate Office 365’s calendaring systems that allows you to create shared calendars among teams so you can see exactly when everyone is available and Office 365’s Outlook integration makes it easy to set up meetings and video conference as well.

5. Be Mobile

When looking to expand your business into new markets requires traveling to those locations. This doesn’t mean you stop working during those travel hours, during those travel hours you have your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Office 365 works with Android, Windows, and iOS devices, so whatever mobile device you and your team prefer, you can continue to use it with the ease of Office 365 syncing across all devices for a mobile work space.

There are many ways to try and stay on top of all your work but Office 365 just makes it easy and allows for seamless collaboration from anywhere in the globe. If you need any assistance with setting up a successful Office 365 infrastructure contact us, we currently have a great discount.

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